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For 10 years, major corporations, non-profits, and peers within the MR industry have depended on the Eidex Group to provide affordable, accurate, and timely marketing research services.


The importance of utilizing survey research to make sound business decisions should not be underestimated. Business errors with costly consequences can be avoided by using a combination of survey research and existing industry knowledge. We offer assistance in determining the best course for:


  customer retention research,

  new products and service decisions,

  Employee satisfaction,

  Product or service pricing,

  Advertising placement and tracking studies,

  Consumer educational program design, implementation, and tracking.


While the majority of our clients are experienced research professionals, we are also an excellent resource for someone who is conducting research for the first time.


Your presentation design, logos, pre-existing research results, expertise, and business input are a valued part of our research process. Our first order of business is always to listen, learn and document your needs to make sure your research objectives are met within your budget.


Call us today to discuss your project needs. Clearly, we can help.