Jeanne Eidex was born in Atlanta in 1968 and grew up in Roswell, GA where she loved playing the saxophone, soccer, reading books and watching science fiction on TV. Her school teacher grandmother encouraged her to write stories often starring her gerbil Hamlet the amazing escape artist and during the summer she attended camps to learn archery, horseback riding and sign language. Eventually she realized she was missing the essential skill of hypnosis so she subscribed to Psychology Today to unravel this mystery.

At age 18, before college she went to California to watch the filming of a skate boarding movie called "Future Primitive" and as a former musician she enjoyed rock concerts, meeting fellow musicians and mixing with the music industry professional crowd in Atlanta. She considered pursuing a degree in the music business industry but ultimately decided on psychology. After college, the economy was slow, so, Jeanne worked as a temp where she successfully scrambled phone systems all over Atlanta. As part of a directed effort to move into the field of market research Jeanne won a job at a small research firm where she quickly moved into statistical programming, project management, and analytical roles primarily for the hospitality industry (Marriott).

For 5 years she worked heavily in quantitative research, but, she longed to continue to learn and moved into a position that involved qualitative techniques where a lot of creativity exists so she moved to a larger firm that offered in-house focus groups, in-depth-interviews (IDIs), a concept testing laboratory, a CATI phone room, exposure to more multivariate analysis techniques and the exciting bonus of flying in a company airplane. Here she worked for clients like PNC Bank, SAAB Motor Company, See Rock City, and Birmingham Board of Tourism.

By December of 1999, the time was right for Jeanne to follow her dream of opening a research boutique. She was and still is committed to using and maintaining the latest technology and techniques and many of her early clients included other MR firms who did not have in-house programming or bandwidth for particular projects. While a great deal of clients were and are fellow MR firms, her first client was an energy company called UtiliCorp (now Black Hills Energy) followed by JP Morgan Chase, Coca-Cola, Turner Broadcasting, Johnson & Johnson, Arthritis Foundation, Cox Radio and UC Berkeley. As President of Eidex Group, she has been privileged to train and mentor an amazing group of highly intelligent women who worked together to grow the business into larger and more sophisticated business ventures.

Along the way, she partnered and became Vice President of another firm specializing in medical device testing on items like breast implants, surgical adhesives and sealants, and auto refractors. She continued to gain medical experience under the Eidex Group umbrella studying anti-depression medications, rheumatoid arthritis patient programs, and HIV regimens through chart studies, in-depth interviews, and quantitative surveys continuously incorporating cutting edge techniques for analysis. Today her experience across a multitude of industries provides inspiration for innovation and current projects range from government mandated studies for engineering firms to medical device testing.

She has a son, Zach who is studying Astro Physics at UGA and another son, Charlie who is a hard-working student and athlete and will enter a university next year. She is an avid runner, still loves reading and writing, owns a big sheepdog named Mad Max, and is in a happy relationship with a retired career Navy veteran named Jerry.

Please do not hesitate to call us at 770.614.6334 or email Jeanne at jeidex@eidexgroup.com