Project Examples

  • Healthcare Programs - Many non-profits and pharmaceutical companies are focusing on important patient education programs. Understanding the experience and specific needs of patients can improve their quality of life and desire to maintain a relationship with the organization. We frequently work on this type of project and offer dual feedback options with online surveys and paper-based business reply service.
  • Concept Studies - Information driving decisions regarding the introduction, packaging, and marketing of new products and services is critical for the ultimate financial success of the plan. We have years of experience in this area and understand your desire to make financially sound decisions. Some concepts we have studied include medical devices and design of medical facilities for a better patient and doctor experience.
  • Pricing Studies - There are several methods that can be used to determine the best price for your service or product. We will help you to select the best method based on your project and budget with complete analysis and recommendations for your product and service price points.
  • Customer Satisfaction & Opportunity Analysis - In an increasingly competitive local and global market, maintaining satisfaction with current customers is critical. Learn more about your customers and how you can increase business with them through new and improved products and services.