Case Studies

Many of the project examples below are related to Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, and Patient studies because this is the primary focus of our business. However, we have many years of experience working with all types of consumer studies.  We will not compromise on quality and we give each and every client our best work every time regardless of your company's size.  Please do not hesitate to call us so that we can discuss a project like yours, we are happy to help.

  • Cardiac Medical Device Marketing - Adjunctive hemostats aid in surgery by focusing on an array of technologies to minimize intra- and post-operative complications. Solutions comprise of innovative, biologically-based products for surgical conditions that are often difficult or expensive to manage.  Eidex Group assisted a medical device company in studying the most universally appealing  way for operating rooms to store, mix, and maintain these products.  Our methodology consisted of contacting and interviewing 30 cardiologists and operating room nurses using in-depth interviews (IDIs).
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient Education Program Design & Tracking - A major healthcare non-profit designed a patient education program based on results of a study revealing that patients were not comfortable talking with their doctors.  We conducted 1) focus groups with Rheumatologists and patients to learn the best way to improve communications between these people 2) intercept interviews with Rheumatologists at annual conferences 3) paper surveys that were included in every education package 4) programmed and hosted an online survey that matched the paper survey 5) provided ongoing qualitative and quantitative reporting for the 8 years that this program was active.
  • HIV Infectious Disease Patient Chart Study - In-depth interviews and chart data were collected in person at Infectious Disease doctor's offices to track  drug regimens that patients were prescribed over time.  All dosage and drug types along with patient health information were tracked and analyzed to obtain a clear picture of what was happening in the field.  Information learned in this study revolutionized thinking in terms of the number of regimens that patients were utilizing and was one of the largest studies of it's type ever conducted.
  • Elite University Business School Customer Satisfaction & Opportunity Analysis - Eidex Group currently works for some of the best university business schools in the United States monitoring the experience and feedback that students and high-end donors describe.  This information is used to guide, support, and teach some of the most successful and promising business minds in the country.  We use a combination of survey research, market research, and team-work with our clients to survey and analyze the data for specific and actionable feedback.