At Your Service

  • Experimental Design - Whether you need full-service project help or are doing it yourself, start out on the right foot with a good plan. There is nothing worse than realizing that your results are have been made worthless at the end of a project due to poor planning. 
  • Survey Writing, Testing, & Editing - If you plan to collect your data online, by phone, or on paper the survey is your vehicle to success. Incorrect survey writing can cost you big bucks and headaches on the back-end. We are happy to help you every step of the way.
  • Data Collection through Telephone Interviewing, Online User Panels, Customer Contact Surveying, Executive Interviews - Yes, there are so many ways that it can be confusing.  We have 20 years of experience with all of these methods (and more).  Choose us to collect your data with integrity for a fair price.
  • Online Survey Programming & Hosting - This is the most common form of data collection today and is continuously improving.  While time is of the essence with this strategy, it is important to be careful and work as a team to make sure it is perfect.  We will give you our undivided attention during this process.
  • Data Tabulations, Significance Testing, Correlations - While the world is moving in 100 different directions, these fundamental statistics should not be overlooked.  We still believe that truly understanding survey data requires good analysis and these services are the cornerstone of that.  This is our core competency and the foundation of our business.  We know what we are doing and will make sure you get what you need when it comes to tabulations.
  • Comment Coding - There are a lot of short cuts in use today to avoid reading participant comments; however, if your base size is typical, a good read-through and coding scheme is still supreme.  As we read your survey comments, we pull out important stand-outs for your attention.
  • Multivariate Analysis (TURF Analysis, Conjoint Analysis, Opportunity Analysis, Max Diff) - All of these things are considered and worked into your experimental design and overall project to the extent they can be used for your situation.  We have seen a lot of techniques and use only the best to assure reliable results during your decision making process.
  • Quantitative Reporting & Presentations - Designed to tell you your story and plan for success, statistics are presented to you in charts and graphs along with an executive summary, recommendations, and detailed findings that will grab your attention and keep you on the right path financially and from a marketing perspective.