Privacy Policy

The Eidex Group, LLC will never use the confidential information related to your project (research objectives, method, conclusion, results, materials) for any purpose than the fulfillment of obligations for your project.

The confidentiality obligation does not apply to:

1) Information that was already public knowledge (or in the public domain) or that it became public knowledge at a later date, without this latter fact arising from any action by the Eidex Group, LLC.

2) Information that has been legally obtained from a third party authorized to communicate it.

Your research materials and results must never be disclosed without written permission to do so or revealed to a person who is not authorized by you, the Client, to receive it.  Eidex Group, LLC will take reasonable precautions to insure that no unauthorized disclosure of the confidential information occurs.

Eidex Group, LLC ensures that its employees and sub-contractors participating in this project are subject to the same confidentiality obligation as the Eidex Group, LLC, as far as it is possible.