Jeanne Eidex is an Atlanta native, former band geek (saxophone), Porsche enthusiast and proud UGA graduate.

Early in life she developed a fascination with the study of the human mind and experimental tools designed to reveal why and how people make decisions or exhibit particular behaviors.  She was drawn to a career in marketing research allowing her to implement these methods using techniques that empower clients to make informed decisions. 

Jeanne was fortunate to begin her career at a small research firm where she primarily focused on statistical programming, project management and analytics for fortune 500 companies.  After 5 formative years she moved to a Project Director position at a larger organization with in-house focus groups, in-depth-interviews (IDIs), concept tests, data collection and integration of multivariate analysis techniques for several large banks, automotive companies, and local tourism and chambers of commerce.

In December 1999, Jeanne's entrepreneurial spirit took flight and she founded Eidex Group to provide high-quality boutique style research services.  She maintains a commitment to investing in and using the best available technology and methods for delivering reliable business insights and services.  

As founder of Eidex Group, she has been privileged to train and mentor an amazing group of highly intelligent women working together to service larger and more sophisticated projects and clients.

Jeanne enjoys working with complex data situations often found in healthcare, medical device testing, patient education, and pharma awareness and usage. Additionally, her continuous work with healthcare, education, utilities, B to B and consumer packaged goods provides ongoing inspiration for innovation and cross-over methodologies.

Last but not least, Jeanne is a scholarship graduate of the Dartmouth Tuck Business Executive program, volunteer speaker for Georgia State University and mother of a future physicist (Zach, UGA) and business finance professional (Charlie, GSU).

Please do not hesitate to call 770.614.6334 or email Jeanne at jeidex@eidexgroup.com