Each methodology that we use is designed to match a specific business question along with logistical and budget considerations so that you achieve maximum return on your investment.  We work with large and small organizations taking care so that everyone is on the same page in their understanding and expectations from the process.

Here are some examples of some recent studies...

  • Medical Device Marketing In-Depth Interviews - We conducted in-depth interviews (IDI's) with 30 cardiologists and operating room nurses to test a new concept for storing, handling and tracking a specific product used during cardiac surgery.  Ultimately both the provider and the hospitals benefitted in uncovering the best solution for extending self life of a product that is still saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in product expiration each year.
  • Political Polling Intercepts On Paper - A social sciences department at a large university developed a core survey with 14 versions to be collected at surrounding precincts.  Because of budgetary constraints, we worked with them providing quality control and guidance for their methodology, provided data entry services and a final labeled SPSS file with all versions included.
  • Higher Ed Voice of Customer Online Survey - A University Business School ranked in the top-10 nationally conducted an online survey with alumni and current students to determine best practices for school operations and communications.  We provided online surveys, text and sentiment analytics, data tabulations and a full research report with recommendations.  Each year they use this method for continuous improvement maintaining top-tier rankings and relationships.