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We combine our scientific data practices with client inspiration and business questions to create an accurate and unique view into an audience.  Each of our studies has three elements in common.

Customization – projects are carefully planned and designed to address a specific client need, timeframe and budget.  We consider the past, present and future use of data so that results can useful today and over time.

Depth – we use in-depth-interviews, carefully crafted quantitative surveys, scientific sampling, statistical techniques, industry input, and professional tools to obtain deep data insights.  This is typically for product and service pricing, identifying market opportunities, designing concepts, testing product usability, customer and employee retention, KPIs, brand funnels and other measures.

Reliability – our attention to detail throughout the process insures that you have insights that you can rely on for decision making.  We do not compromise when it comes to using state-of-the-art technology, partners, total quality evaluation, tools and data cleaning practices during the research process.  

Our Process

Initiation and Planning

Our team is promptly available for discussion of your project.  We will talk to determine fit and an initial plan. This is followed by a full proposal with deliverables, costs and timing.


Many clients use our quick turnaround 24-hour services; however, most projects take 6 to 8 weeks to complete.  We continuously collaborate with clients during the execution phase.

Closing Phase

Depending on scope, we usually deliver final data and a detailed report along with a presentation by video call.

We quickly handle any follow-up requests and store all files for later use.


Our comprehensive cybersecurity action plan includes:  1) secure back-up and archiving of project work to local, cloud, and off grid locations, 2) Norton 360 antivirus software active on all devices, 3) password encrypted delivery of data, reports and other work, 4) cybersecurity insurance, documented ICE references, 5) HIPPA certified email, HTTPS website security, and CAPTCHA forms protection, 6) DoD, NIST-800-171 compliance certification currently is in progress.

Meet The Team

Jeanne Eidex

Hi, I’m Jeanne, nice to virtually meet you.  I am a quantitative insights and analytics principal with specific expertise in research methodology, complex data programming, statistical analytics, and custom reporting.  I have authored more than 500 research methodologies, surveys and reports for clients that include J&J, Arthritis Foundation, AT&T, TBS, Duke University and Coca-Cola. 

I am unique in my ability to do all of the design and analytical parts of research projects.  This includes comprehensive design, management, reporting and delivery of price and concept tests, usability testing, brand tracking, personas, opportunities and government mandated methods (ex. FDA). I have a Psychology Degree from University of Georgia, a mini MBA from Dartmouth and am certified as an IBM SPSS Programmer.  I am based near Jacksonville on St. Simon’s Island, GA.

Principal Consultant

Jon is a senior statistician and data science principle with particular background and expertise in statistical software engineering, predictive analytics, and modeling. 

Jon has designed IBM Statistical software features and over 120 extension commands used by Insights and Analytics leaders around the globe, including Gallup, Millward Brown, and GfK. In the corporate sector, Jon has advised US and global Fortune 50 firms on strategic research planning, implementation, and proprietary practices involving some of the most complex research data set issues of the last 20 years. Jon previously served as Principle Software Engineer and Vice President at SPSS and assistant professor and later as a lecturer. Jon received a Ph.D. and Masters from Yale University, with honors, and a BS from Oberlin College. He is based in Santa Fe, NM. 


Carlo is a results-driven marketing and business development executive with an impressive record of achievement with both startup and multinational organizations. Carlo is adept at leading strategic marketing initiatives, steering product development programs, and executing global product launches for innovative, first-to-market medical devices. Over his career, Carlo has earned a reputation as a strategic thinker and team player proficient at engineering strong interpersonal relationships. Carlo holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from The Ohio State University, and a Masters in International Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University.

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More Teammates

Our team of USA based online survey programmers, panel providers, project managers, recruiters, sampling specialists, corporate board consultants, USPS administrators, bankers, insurance advisors, cybersecurity specialists and other experts each contribute to the quality experience that we put together so that your projects will be successful.  This is a group of true collaborators with the added bonus of great personalities!  

Our Partnerships & Certifications

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