About Us

You can expect reliable work and smooth sailing from the beginning to the end of your project. We provide full-service or a la carte methodology and planning, survey design, data collection, analytical services, research reports, and presentations.

Typically we collect data online or through phone based in-depth interviews; however clients still occasionally request paper surveys and forms processing so we have full in-house capabilities including mailing and printing equipment, discount mailing and business reply permits, and data entry services.

We offer the flexibility to survey your existing customers and employees as well as targeted panel groups and randomized population segments using a variety of methodologies designed to collect information in the best way for a given situation.

We are proud of all of our clients large and small for their decision to pursue marketing research that contributes to the success of their business. Our skills are useful for a variety of industries and include:

  • Fortune 500 companies like JP Morgan Chase, Johnson &; Johnson, Coca-Cola, and Black Hills Energy,
  • Higher Education institutions (Duke University, University of California), online schools (K12) and various Curriculum Publishers,
  • Professional and Healthcare Associations including Arthritis Foundation and the American Bar Association, and
  • Other research companies large and small who trust us our discretion, ethics, and quality work for overflow.

Our existence is built on trustworthy programming, data collection, and good reporting. All of our software, equipment, and knowledge is current and state of the art. We are have never forgotten the original inspiration and source of our success. Quality work you can count on. Please do not hesitate to call us at 770.614.6334 or email Jeanne at jeidex@eidexgroup.com

Our History

Eidex Group was founded in 1999 by Jeanne Eidex to serve as a boutique supplier for corporations and peers in the fields of insights and analytics who did not have capabilities or band-width for particular projects or services. Our first projects were primarily quantitative and after experimenting with cost-saving software, TEG made a strategic business decision to only utilize software, training, and technology known to be extremely high in quality and innovation. Our early clients were primarily studying employee satisfaction, awareness and usage, customer satisfaction, and advertising tracking for the financial, utilities and healthcare industries.