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Early planning, ongoing consulting and visually appealing reports insure that your project will be a success.  We know how to capture sufficient detail using logical sequences of questions that add value and reliability to your study.


Survey Design & Tabulating
The survey is an extremely important building block of your study that must follow a logical sequence for gathering usable data that will answer your important questions including understanding your audience. As we work with you to finalize your survey, we are already planning a strategy for tabulating your data that includes methods for dealing with incomplete, illogical, or conflicting respondent input. This reciprocal approach creates natural improvements to the survey design and overall plan. Our design and programming skills are always custom and we often work within a client’s existing platform, template, and research guidelines for a seamless experience.
Our consulting services support five fundamental client needs:  1) full-service project consulting, 2) a la carte project services, 3) quality control for existing research, 4) replication of calculations using prior research, and 5) bridging to update or transition a tracking study. Regardless of the need, we listen to your entire business situation and take the time to review any related materials including competing or similarly situated products or services. Our initial consultation is always free and we would like to clarify that we are not individual freelancers, we are a seasoned team of professionals who collaborate and allocate project work within our team to the most appropriate individual.
Methodology & Planning
We develop a custom plan for your methodology that includes anticipated length, content, audience, timing, survey design and distribution, services, project management, communications, and incentive pay-outs. Transparency in this process is an important key for a mutually rewarding project experience and outcome; therefore, we will mention areas where we feel your dollars will be most useful as allocation of your project budget is determined. As the project progresses, we document any changes to the plan so that it can be repeated and adjusted for future studies.  Survey design, in particular, receives intense attention and time from our team because it is the foundation of all later analysis. 
Prior to writing, we determine each client’s preferred level of involvement in creation of the research report. Often, we send populated pages or sections for approval so that time is not lost in creating content that will not work for the situation. We appreciate that clients coming to us for quantitative research studies expect statistical content, charts, graphs, images, and text that explain the overall market, KPIs or other indicators and identified subsegments. This is all provided in a custom (or client provided) template that is clean, clear, and organized to reveal the data story. Before completion, preliminary results are discussed along with any potential calculations that may be added to enhance the findings. When the report is complete, we present the results during a collaborative video conference and electronically deliver final results and corresponding data.               

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