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Usually, large businesses use us for these services knowing that proper survey design teamwork is critical.  These services are increasingly available for mid-size businesses and start-ups interested in strategic growth.


Pricing Models
Understanding how to price products in an ever-changing marketplace is a continuous challenge for business leaders. We apply a multi-faceted approach for fully informed pricing decisions that may be dependent on market idiosyncrasies. 
Concept & Message Tests
Concept and message tests are designed to match the level of complexity necessary for making informed choices.  Often, during the design and planning of this process, new ideas and organizational schemes are developed. The final output for this guides selection, bundling, and development.  
Personas & Segmentation
We apply a variety of techniques for segmenting and understanding user audiences. Some combination of demographic, psychographic, behavioral, and attitudinal measures is used.  The personas that emerge for a business are usually engaging and enlightening. Lately, this is an increasingly popular use of our services.
Opportunity & KPIs
Opportunity analysis and KPI success is heavily dependent on proper survey design, content, and reliable data. It is imperative that we be involved in survey design for this to be successful. Proper application of these metrics help to guide budgets as businesses change and grow.  

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