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Data Collection and Project Management


Our project management and data collection services go hand in hand as your survey is designed, programmed and fielded to the appropriate audience.  We monitor quality, timing, costs to insure that your work is completely and on time.


Data Collection
Our data collection services are the result of in-house teamwork and long-term partnerships with experts who provide scientific sampling, targeted panel, and recruitment of hard-to-reach people. We offer programming and collection of on-line surveys, in-depth phone and video interviews, bulk paper survey mailings, forms return, and intercept interviewing services. 
Project Management
Our project management style is to keep an eye on the details, communicate often, and to provide transparency in any issues that may arise. An important part of this service is in the added layer of quality control for programming, statistical output, screening and replacing unusable respondent data, and timely action on sending incentives, partner payment and business communications.

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